Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ann Coulter get "Mugged" by Glenn Beck and talks about her new book

"Mugged" Ann Coulter Stirs Up More Trouble & Talks to Glenn Beck About It!

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If there is one thing that Ann Coulter does will it is stirring up emotions and trouble. Her latest book Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama is already off to a good start. She has already managed to set of the women over at The View, especially Whoopi Goldberg, all of whom obviously had not read the book, shocker! Coulter takes a unique topic and takes it where many are afraid to go, the racial circus that the democratic party is abusing taking advantage of. Watch the interview with Glenn and The View Ladies below.

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“This isn’t a story about black people—it’s a story about the Left’s agenda to patronize blacks and lie to everyone else.”

For decades, the Left has been putting on a play with themselves as heroes in an ongoing civil rights move­ment—which they were mostly absent from at the time. Long after pervasive racial discrimination ended, they kept pretending America was being run by the Klan and that liberals were black America’s only protectors.

It took the O. J. Simpson verdict—the race-based acquittal of a spectacularly guilty black celebrity as blacks across America erupted in...

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

OUT TODAY! Chris Stewart's 4th Installment of The Wrath and Righteousness Series Titled "Breathless"

OUT TODAY! Chris Stewart's 4th Installment of The Wrath and Righteousness Series Titled "Breathless"

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Chris Stewart's 4th book in the Wrath and Righteousness series is out and is titled Breathless.  Wrath and Righteousness is a 10 eBook series that will release one book per month of a 1 year cycle. W&R takes you into a real world possibility that even NBC is delving into with it's new Fall 2012 series called Revolution, where an EMP type device disables all electronics and the world is forced into a new society. W&R has be reformatted from Chris Stewart's original series call the Great and Terrible.  See below for the list of the now available eBooks and watch the video as Glenn and Chris talk about the Wrath and Righteousness series! Book 5 will be out on October 23, 2012.


Click here for the 4th episode Breathless: Episode Four

Click here for the 3rd episode Son of the Morning: Episode Three

Click here for the 2nd episode Darkness of This World: Episode Two

Click here for the 1st episode Wrath & Righteousness: Episode One


“I want you to tell the president something for me. He has seven minutes. That is all. Seven minutes from now. I hope they are able to evacuate him before it happens, for I want him to see the death and destruction that he has caused. That is the only reason I am calling. I genuinely want him to live. I want him to see the downfall of his nation, the great whore of the earth. I want him to see his great city after it has been turned to black ash.”

The epic battle continues with ...



Episode 1: May 8, 2012
Episode 2: June 19, 2012
Episode 3: July 31, 2012
Episode 4: September 11, 2012
Episode 5: October 23, 2012
Episode 6: December 4, 2012
Episode 7: January 15, 2013
Episode 8: February 26, 2013
Episode 9: April 9, 2013
Episode 10: May 21, 2013

This series was adapted from Chris Stewarts previously published series The Great and Terrible (2003-2008).

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

2016 Movie and Obama's America & Rage with Dinesh D'Souza & Glenn Beck on Radio and TheBlaze TV

2016 Movie and Obama's America & Rage with Dinesh D'Souza & Glenn Beck on Radio and TheBlaze TV

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Dinesh D'Souza's 2016 movie is a hit! Based on his best selling books The Roots of Obama's Rage and Obama's America the movie gives America an inside glimpse into why the 44th president of the United States does some of the most unusual actions for a standing president. IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN 2016 YET, DO IT! Dinesh gives you a different approach to how and why anti-colonialists exist. Also watch the video below and see what "My Brother's Keeper" does not mean to President Obama. "Hope and Change" were NOT what most American's thought!

Click here for Obama's America: Unmaking the American Dream

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America as we know it—wealthy, powerful, assertive—is not what Obama wants. He wants a smaller America, a poorer America, an America unable to exert its will, an America happy to be one power among many, an America in decline so that other nations might rise—all in the name of global fairness. To Obama, the hated “one percent” isn’t just wealthy Americas; it is America itself. In Obama’s view, America needs to be taken down a notch.

That is the startling conclusion of...

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