Friday, October 14, 2011

Glenn Beck Debuts His Two New Books: "Being George Washington" and "The Snow Angel"

Glenn Beck Debuts His Two New Books: "Being George Washington" and "The Snow Angel"

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Glenn Beck introduced his audience to his two latest books on his show recently: The Snow Angel and Being George Washington. Both are inspirational stories on conquering and overcoming situations in our own personal lives as well as how historical events in this country were handled with dignity and respect by two of the country’s great leaders – George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Watch the video below to see Glenn introduce these two books.

The Snow Angel

The Snow Angel is a follow-up book to The Christmas Sweater and is a personal story that Beck dedicates to his daughters and his sisters. The Snow Angel talks about coping with and overcoming abuse in a heartwarming story that leaves you with a resolution and hope by the end.

Being George Washington

On GBTV Beck also introduced his new book and what inspired him to write the book, Being George Washington. Beck says the primary reason he wrote the book was to get readers to understand the man George Washington truly was and to love the man he was as much as Beck does.

The book tells various stories and gives an in-depth history of George Washington. According to Beck, his favorite story about Washington was his attempt and ultimate success at stopping the revolutionaries from killing Congress. Beck admires that not only was Washington able achieve this, but rather the manner in which he achieved it – with honor, gentleness, and spirit.

Lincoln Speech

Another great leader of this country that Beck admires is Abraham Lincoln. At the end of the war when General Lee and his soldiers thought they would be rounded up and held as prisoners, it was Lincoln who freed them and sent them back to their homes and families. Beck suggests that we all live and guide our lives by one of Lincoln’s most famous lines: “With malice toward none.”

Furthermore, Beck talks about those who do things illegally will inevitably pay for what they have done, but we law-abiding citizens will abide by the Constitution in making these criminals pay. Beck says, “We’re Americans, not animals. With malice towards none.”

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