Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Glenn Beck Chats w/ Author & Friend Vince Flynn about Cancer, Abortion & His New Book "Kill Shot" with Mitch Rapp

Glenn Beck Chats w/ Author & Friend Vince Flynn about Cancer, Abortion & His New Book "Kill Shot" with Mitch Rapp

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Vince Flynn has had a battle with Cancer over the past few years but is resilient and that is obvious as he spoke with Glenn Beck today. Although Flynn doesn't want to dwell on it and moved quickly to change the subject he is just grateful. A great example to everyone going through hard times! Vince Flynn has a new Mitch Rapp book out today, Kill Shot. If you have ever read a Vince Flynn book you know how well he can draw you into the life of Mitch Rapp, a CIA superagent. Also check out the article and interview with Flynn at USAToday below!

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In the year since the CIA trained and then unleashed him, Mitch Rapp has been steadily working his way through a list of men, bullet by bullet. With each swift and untraceable kill, the tangled network of monsters responsible for the slaughter of 270 civilians in the Pan Am Lockerbie attack become increasingly aware that someone is hunting them. Rapp is given his next target, and finds the man asleep in his bed in Paris. In the split second it takes the bullet to leave Rapp’s silenced pistol, the trap is sprung and he finds himself in the fight of his life.

The next morning, nine bodies are discovered in one of Paris’s finest hotels—among them the Libyan oil minister. Back in Washington the finger-pointing begins in earnest as no one wants any part in what has become an international crisis and potential embarrassment for the CIA. Rapp’s handlers have only one choice—deny any responsibility for the incident and pray that their newest secret weapon stays that way.

Rapp must avoid capture or die quietly. One person in the group, however, is not prone to leaving such important things to chance. Rapp has become a liability, and Stan Hurley will not allow Rapp to be taken alive by the French authorities, even if it means killing him. Operating on his own and outside the control of his handlers, it will soon become clear that nothing is more dangerous than a wounded and cornered Mitch Rapp.

In Flynn’s newest page-turner, the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been as Mitch Rapp embarks on the journey that will turn him into America’s most deadly asset. The nonstop action in this shockingly realistic political thriller will keep your pulse pounding till the very end. (Amazon.com)

From http://www.usatoday.com/life/books/news/story/2012-02-06/vince-flynn-books/52979550/1

Writer Vince Flynn aims for a 'Kill Shot' against cancer by Craig Wilson, USA TODAY

SUNFISH LAKE, Minn. – Vince Flynn looks great, which disappoints a lot of people these days. Maybe disappoints is the wrong word. Perhaps surprises is better.

Diagnosed with stage III metastatic prostate cancer in November 2010, the best-selling thriller novelist says people are shocked when they see him out and about. "They expect me to look like total crap," he says. "I guess I'm supposed to show up with no hair and no eyebrows."

Not today. Flynn, at 45, is the epitome of a good-looking man in the prime of his life and still producing best-selling anti-terrorism CIA page-turners that are the darlings of conservatives. His 13th novel, Kill Shot (Atria/Emily Bestler Books, $27.99), will be published Tuesday.

That said, Flynn acknowledges that his battle with cancer has not been a cakewalk.

"The road is far from over. … I had some problems last summer," he says, referring to the disintegration of his ischium (hip) bone because of cancer eating it away.

His medical roller coaster ride has included...

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