Friday, September 30, 2011

FREE Download of the Book "Philip Dru: Administrator" of which Glenn Beck Talks About Again & Again & AGAIN!

FREE Download of the Book "Philip Dru: Administrator" of which Glenn Beck Talks About Again & Again & AGAIN!
Glenn Beck has talked multiple times in the last few years as well as in the last few days about a terribly written book called Philip Dru: Administrator by a Story of Tomorrow 1920 - 1935 by Edward Mandell House. Glenn has brought back this book because of the recent statements about how President Obama should just bypass congress and make the rules for a time. In 1912, House published anonymously Philip Dru: Administrator, in which Philip Dru leads the democratic western U.S. in a civil war against the plutocratic East, becoming the dictator of America. Dru as dictator imposes a series of reforms similar to what we see the desire for today from the current White House. House was one of Woodrow Wilson's closest advisors. Helped author the "Fourteen Points" and was instrumental in the drafting of the League of Nations. Towards the end of Wilson's administration, House and the president had a falling-out. (

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"Philip Dru is an extremely obscure political tract written in 1911 by "Colonel" Edward Mandell House, a key advisor to Woodrow Wilson and FDR. This is what makes the book so shocking. The book advocates the violent overthrow of the constitutional government and proposes a communist/socialist system as its replacement. Considering that the man who wrote this book had such a close position to the president, it's no surprise that some of the ideas in this book eventually became public policy.Philip Dru, the main character, is a West Point graduate who eventually resigns his post and becomes involved in social problems. Dru is chosen to lead an army against the U.S. government led by a puppet president. When Dru gains control he throws the Constitution out the window and nationalizes industries such as the telegraph (remember, it's 1911) and makes corporations subservient to government. He promises a job to every American, and rewrites the state constitutions. Watch for the part where Senator Selwyn talks about how he used direct marketing, etc., to get his man elected as president. Most of what he used is standard operating procedure today. In this book, the people revolt over what he does!" (review by Jeffrey Leach on

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  1. I spoke with Glenn on air about this book, briefly.