Monday, September 19, 2011

Glenn Beck’s Next Book Cover “Being George Washington” Released by

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Get the first look at the cover of Glenn Beck’s next book called Being George Washington: The Indispensable Man, As You’re Never Seen Him. If you follow Beck at all you know how long he has been looking for America’s next George Washington, a person that put Country before self, party or special interest!

This book will be released on November 22, 2011 and consists of 304 pages and will be released by Threshold (Simon & Schuster) not Mercury Ink.

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Glenn has hinted at the book multiple times and the amount of research put into discovering the man and his traits! Here is the product description: As we head into the 2012 election, Glenn Beck takes a moment to contemplate the past and look to our Founding Fathers to find out what originally made this country great. Combining biography and Washington’s own writings with his own trademark insights, comments, and sidebars, Beck explores our nation’s first president and describes how Washington’s beliefs and values are especially important to remember as we head into the 2012 election. Glenn shows his love for our country’s Founders and provides us with an understanding of the great man who united a country in an age even more fractious than our own. (

Beck also has two other books that will be released in the fall. The first is a Christmas novel titled The Snow Angel, a poignant tale about family, forgiveness, and the freedom to live a future free of the past. The Snow Angel will be released on October 25, 2011 and has 288 pages. The 3rd book is a children’s animated version of The Snow Angel, with illustrations by...

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