Monday, January 23, 2012

Glenn Beck GOES OFF! on SOPA & PIPA and Cass Sunstein's book "Republic 2.0"

Glenn Beck GOES OFF! on SOPA & PIPA and Cass Sunstein's book "Republic 2.0"

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Internet Regulation laws SOPA and PIPA were THE hot topic last week and for good a reason too. Two major factions collided, the Entertainment community vs the Online community. And Glenn found himself on one side, but opposes SOPA and PIPA for a different reason because his favorite White House Regulatory Czar "might" be involved...CASS SUNSTEIN! Glenn talked about Sunstein's book 2.0 and quotes him, "A system of limitless individual choices, with respect to communications, is not necessarily in the interest of citizenship and self-government." Watch the video below...

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Here is more information regarding 2.0:

What happens to democracy and free speech if people use the Internet to listen and speak only to the like-minded? What is the benefit of the Internet's unlimited choices if citizens narrowly filter the information they receive? Cass Sunstein first asked these questions in 2001's "" Now, in " 2.0," Sunstein thoroughly rethinks the critical relationship between democracy and the Internet in a world where partisan Weblogs have emerged as a significant political force.

" 2.0" highlights new research on how people are using the Internet, especially the blogosphere. Sunstein warns against "information cocoons" and "echo chambers," wherein people avoid the news and opinions that they don't want to hear. He also demonstrates the need to regulate the innumerable choices made possible by technology. His proposed remedies and reforms emphasize what consumers and producers can do to help avoid the perils, and realize the promise, of the Internet. (


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